März 25, 2013

Postcards from: England | London (day 2)

(1) We love London (2) street sign (3) Caro taking a picture (4) really cute restaurant/ pub (5) postcards (6) Oxford St (7) In front of the London Eye

March 1, 2013.

Ein paar meiner Lieblingsbilder, die wir an Tag 2 in London geschossen haben. Wir hatten so gute Laune an dem Tag und dementsprechend eine tolle Zeit, dass wir da auch die meisten der richtig tollen Fotos geknipst haben.

Some of my favourite pictures that we took during the second day in London. We had such a good time and I think this was when we took most of the really nice photos. 

(1) merry-go-round and London Eye (2) magical (3) different view on Picadilly Circus (4) trying to take a nice photo (5) fountain (6) Caro being awesome (7) old Doubledecker
(1) crowdy Picadilly Circus (2) sneak peak of Big Ben (3) smiiiiile! (4) loved (!!!) the view
(1-3) trying to get elegantly off that wall