Mai 19, 2012

The beach is so cold in winter here.

Yesterdays' outfit, probably the last with my beloved selfmade cut offs. I have the feeling I left them too long in the bleach so that the denim became really thin and porous... they are pretty much falling apart. I guess I'll do the same with another pair of pants and just be more careful the next time.

I was wearing:
DIY Aztec Print Cut Offs: Thrift Store ($1) // Converse All Stars: Sutter Hospice Thrift Store ($1) // Polkadot Shirt: Forever21 ($6,99?) // Rayban Aviator Sunglasses ($100)


The end always gives me goosebumps.

Mai 16, 2012

Wake Up.

Last weeks outfit, nothing special I just wore it while I was at the park with my hostkids.

"DIY" Shirt: Hospice Thrift Store ($2,00) // Shorts: Goodwill ($2,99) // Flats: Plato's Closet ($4,99 ?) // Cameo Necklace: Hospice Thrift Store ($6,00) // Feather Necklace: Tilly's ($?)

Mai 13, 2012

"Why do Californians spend so much time in the sun? Because we can!"

They just said that on TV, cocky people! :D
Goood, my allergies are killing me! What is this place?! As much as I love to be here, this has to stop... and I'm already taking those glorious pills they show all over the commercials.
Btw: I should strap them nicer the next time but Julia, are these shoes better?
button up shirt (Hospice Thrift Store: $2,50) // shorts (H&M: $10,00 (on sale, original price $19,95)) // purse (Goodwill: $6,99) // wedges: free (hand me down) 

Mai 12, 2012

You want a love that consumes you.

Today I didn't work that much because my host family is out of town over the weekend and already left around 2pm, so I had a really nice relaxing day and later on I went to the Macy's Sales Day with a friend. I didn't buy anything that was on clearence, but I don't really care because most of the stuff was still too expensive and I have to save money for my roadtrip anyway.

denim button up shirt (Salvation Army, $4,00) // flower print skirt (Plato's Closet, $8,00) // belt (Goodwill, $1,99) // necklace (Hospice Thrift Store, $1,99) // flats (Salvation Army, $4,99?) // backpack (Salvation Army, $4,00)

Mai 02, 2012

Purple Rain.

I took these pictures last Saturday in Mill Valley, it it almost too beautiful there.
I was wearing a dress from Goodwill ($4,99), ballet flats from Primark (€3 ?), a straw hat from Goodwill ($2,99) and a denim jacket (Hospice Thrift Store, $4)